ONDAMED! A story of love, healing & medical revolutionbook-cover
by Silvia Binder

Change your life. Change your practice.
Unravel the mysteries behind undiagnosed and mistreated disease and illness.
The answer is here, and has been here for decades.
You just need to open your mind and read this book...
ONDA-MED is a Latin word and stands for Wave-Medicine.
This book is the biography of ONDAMED® and the impact it has had on millions of people around the globe.

This book that can live with you in your home, practice, clinic, office, and your car continuously radiating benevolence and love.


My dear friends and colleagues from around our globe,
Finally! My book is completed and available for you to get today. My story will take you through our childhood, Rolf's journey which brought him to the invention of this brilliant technology, our first meeting in New York and the development of a sweet business relationship leading to our marriage in 2006.
Several chapters deal with diseases and provoking thoughts as to their origins and paths to overcome them such as Lyme Disease and Breast Cancer.
Place the book in your waiting room for your patients to read. An abundance of real life case studies will support their decision of receiving ONDAMED treatment.
It is a book of inspiration and hope. A book which I hope will live with you in your home, practice, clinic, office, and your car continuously radiating benevolence and love.
Click on the link below to see a preview. Email us with the quantity of your order including your full name, and address. We will send you the invoice and you may pay by credit card or PayPal. The book costs US$20 including shipping and handling from Germany.
Enjoy and be well.


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Silvia Binder, ND PhD - President/CEO

silvia binderSilvia Binder is CEO of the Ondamed Companies in New York and Germany and the Founder of The Binder Institute for Personalized Medicine in Southern Germany. She was born in Germany, and grew up in Vienna, Austria, where she earned her degree in business. Her career led her to New York in 1989 where she lived for 22-years until moving back to Germany in 2010. Her personal story with her 5-year old son fueled her passion for complimentary medicine. Silvia received her N.D. degree from the College of Naturopathy in London, U.K. followed by her Ph.D. degree in naturopathy. Silvia has been helping chronically ill patients from all around the world, she is on the Advisory Boards of the Medical Wellness Association and the Occidental Institute Research Foundation, and faculty of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Silvia is involved with clinical studies at various university clinics, lectures around the world, and offers specialized courses on Integrative Personalized Medicine for healthcare practitioners. She is the author of several scientific publications and the book “ONDAMED A story of love, healing, and medical revolution”.




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